Barcelona 2017

This review looks at the Barcelona Historical Fencing Event in June 2017. A number of interviews include

– Oriol Salvador of ACEA
– Arto Fama of Zwaard & Steen
– Ana Vazquez of Arcensis
– Carlo Urgel of AEEA

HEMAG Dijon 2017 Podcast

Here’s the podcast version of the Dijon 2017 Review. Interviews include

  • Daniel Jaquet
  • Mike Chidester
  • Fabrice Cognot
  • Enrica Angiolini

Right click to download the file here

HEMAG Dijon 2017

Our review of this major European event, which this year included the launch of the Society for HEMA Studies. Interviews include

  • Enrica Angiolini on her first time at Dijon as well as her work as a comic artist
  • Fabrice Cognot on the event and his work as a bladesmith
  • Daniel Jaquet on the launch of SHEMAS
  • Mike Chidester on SHEMAS and his first experience of a European event

Podcasts and Mugshots

We’ve been very busy updating the website this weekend. Most important, we’ve converted many of the YouTube videos into podcast. A few have references to pictures, etc., but there’s lots to enjoy.

Podcasts can be found here.

In addition, we’ve added some short bios of Hans and Rob, as well as our friend, Enrica Angiolini, who does the artwork for the vlogs and podcasts.

Bios can be found here.