About the Alte Herren

‘Fencing is a conversation… between two liars!’ The Alte Herren, Hans Jörnlind and Rob Runacres, discuss all things Historical Fencing, with blogs, interviews and chats.

This blog is a magazine for the HEMA community. We discuss research, competition, events as well as other topics of interest.

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Artwork on the videos and site is designed by Enrica Angiolini (see below for bio).

Our biographies are as follows:

The Alte Herren!

Hans Jörnlind

HansHans is from Stockholm, Sweden, and started with HEMA in the late 90s. Although his main focus is rapier and longsword, he practices most weapons. Hans is a member of Gamla Stans Fäktskola in Stockholm.

Hans has a number of medals from competition, including a gold for longsword at Swordfish. He is also a sought after judge.

Rob Runacres

RobRob is an instructor and researcher from the UK. His main passions are for sword forms from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. He is the founder of the Renaissance Sword Club.

He has translated a number of French texts from the period and is currently researching a PhD, examining the evolution of fencing from Italy to France.

Rob is well known as a teacher at events throughout Europe and the United States. He is also active on the international tournament scene, as a competitor, judge and tournament manager. Among his medals is the 2016 technical award for rapier and dagger at Swordfish.

Our Friend

Enrica Angiolini

EnricaEnrica or ‘Eren’ works as a comic colourist (Titan Comics, Dark Horse, Aspen Comics) and as a freelance illustrator and cover artist.
She discovered HEMA in 2011. Since then she has cultivated her passion as a member of Accademia Romana d’Armi. Enrica started collaborating with Alte Herren in 2016, first designing their logo and then creating the thumbnails for the videos.



We’re very pleased to release this episode which contains interviews from WMAW 2017, one of the largest and oldest events in the United State. These include – Tim Rivera on his translation of Godinho, 1599 – Greg Mele on the development of WMAW and the 2018 Bolognese event – Oscar Erkenswick on injuries in fencing …

Barcelona 2017

This review looks at the Barcelona Historical Fencing Event in June 2017. A number of interviews include – Oriol Salvador of ACEA – Arto Fama of Zwaard & Steen – Ana Vazquez of Arcensis – Carlo Urgel of AEEA

HEMAG Dijon 2017 Podcast

Here’s the podcast version of the Dijon 2017 Review. Interviews include Daniel Jaquet Mike Chidester Fabrice Cognot Enrica Angiolini Right click to download the file here